International Women’s Day

A day to celebrate all of the beautiful women around the world and come together as we continue to support one another in achieving our dreams. International Women’s Day is more than a one-day celebration, it’s about having a positive attitude and living your life with strength and courage. We should celebrate women’s day everyday, here’s one way we can! Sometimes you just need that … Continue reading International Women’s Day

GMB x @nutritionistafiles

Eating right can be a challenge for most people as the idea of changing your diet sometimes intimidates us because frankly, we don’t know where to start. But you don’t need to change your diet completely to get that healthy lifestyle your body deserves.  With slight adjustments, a bit of planning and a positive outlook, introducing new things to your diet will serve great satisfaction … Continue reading GMB x @nutritionistafiles

#OOTD Athletic”ally” Dressed Up

A huge trend seen everywhere, especially lately after NYFW is taking a casual, athletic outfit and throwing on some dressier pieces like a dress coat or heels to dress it up. Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Danielle Bernstein have absolutely killed this look and I’ve always loved it so I had to try it. This #OOTD features all Zara items from the Women and Mens section. Nothing … Continue reading #OOTD Athletic”ally” Dressed Up


It might not have been our coldest winter, but it’s definitely been chilly. Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean we can toss aside our impeccable style. Whoever said style and practicality don’t mix clearly didn’t know much! This #OOTD is a complete TopShop look that not only is red hot…(sorry I had to) but perfect for that typical Canadian chilly day. It was love at first sight when … Continue reading #OOTD RHCDaze

#OOTD My Business Casual

Who ever thought we’d see the day that it was ok, actually super cool, to wear dress pants and sneakers? This trend, that’s been around for some time now, is seen absolutely everywhere!! And I love it! Here’s how I wanted to represent my true business casual attire. This OOTD is strictly from TopShop, with the exception of the Stan Smith sneakers. I wanted to … Continue reading #OOTD My Business Casual