New This, New That!

I’m on the theme of new this week! New pair of shoes, New Blog…New Job!

Sunday night I was at a great concert, jamming out to Cage the Elephant and my new fave band Portugal the Man (who if you haven’t heard of yet definitely check those Alaskan natives out) and felt a slight bit of anxiety in between sets. The feeling was exciting but the thought was just terrifying. In just a few hours I would be waking up and going to my first day, as an intern of course!

Yes, this is a position as an intern which means in a few months it will be no longer, but that may not be the case, potential for a full-time position is always an option. I am very lucky to be working with the Internal Communications teams for one of the largest companies in Canada, it really is a dream come true. But was this the best decision for me? Is this what I was set out to do?

I had the usual excitement and nervousness anyone would on their first day. Lying in bed I was obviously thinking about what I should wear, stressing about being late, am I going to have my own desk? Are my co-workers going to be nice? What if my boss is a complete…

But then I forgot about all those minor details and thought about one thing only. This could potentially be the last day of my adolescent and responsibility-less life. I was about to jump-start my career at the young age of 22 and although very excited, extremely scared that this could be it. Was I ready to do this? Was I really prepared to be working until retirement? That’s a long time, like 40 years… If you could have been in my head at this time you would have been going absolutely insane.

There’s no more summer vacation. Spring Break, what’s that? 2 weeks off at Christmas, haha I’ll probably be working on Christmas Eve. The life of a student which I had become so used to and so comfortable with is non-existent. Time to be a big girl now!

I suddenly wasn’t worried about what I should wear, I was more concerned about my life as a whole. What if I don’t make a good impression and blow this great opportunity or what if this is something I end up hating and getting stuck.

Deep breathe in and exhale out…deep breathe in and exhale out…

Hold on, I am only 22. I’m young. I’m young enough to make mistakes and learn from them. I’m young enough to go back to school. I’m young enough to change jobs. I’m young enough for anything. What’s with all the stress?

Needless to say, I survived my first week as an intern, and so far so good. It is going exceptionally great. Of course some of those minor crazy thoughts come to mind but I have begun talking myself out of it. Taking life one day at a time is something I am going to have to get used to

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has ever felt this way but it helps to find a way to let it out. Talking to someone, writing about it, going shopping…whatever tickles your fancy.

So on that note…

Good Morning Beautiful,

It’s obviously going to be a great day!


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