Ciao Bella!


The thought of sippin’ on a warm espresso outside with a view of the city puts a smile on my face.

“Boungiorno Bella!!!! What can I get for you today?”

One of my all-time favourite places to go to is Zaza in Yorkville. Not only because of the warm welcome I get each and every time but for the rich taste every cup brings. I blame my boyfriend for this addiction. He introduced me to Zaza and now I just can’t turn back. This small Italian coffee shops makes me feel like I am in Italy and since I’m Italian I don’t hate that feeling LOL.

Zaza Espresso Bar was founded only 10 years ago, fairly new but has been making what is known to be the best Italian coffee since 1963. Their beans are imported from Italy as they continue to bring “LA CULTURA DEL CAFÉ” to Toronto. You can really taste the difference at Zaza. Not only are the beans fantastic but the passion and experience speaks for itself.

Zaza is a fun and inviting space for a quick coffee! If you wanna feel like you’re in Italy for a quick minute, take a trip over to Zaza, you will love it!

With 6 locations across the city, you will be sure to see me at one of them this summer!

Check them out for yourself!


75 Yorkville Ave

256 Beresfod Ave

755 St. Clair Ave West

2245 Young Street

200 King Street West

25 Fontenay Crt


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