It’s a Party in the Shower!

Do you ever get sick of using that same old, boring white bar of soap? Wanna change it up a little bit? I’ve got the solution for you!

During one of my weekly trips to Yorkdale, I wandered through The Bay and was stopped by a bottle of soap…The bright and fun colours and catchy names caught my eye. I know I’m like a little kid! So obviously I stopped and stared and then started smelling.

With scents such as Senorita Margarita, Pink Frosted Animal Cracker and Vanilla Birthday Cake, my nose was in heaven. The aromas were so beautifully paired and my indecisiveness showed up.

philosophy, a well known brand continues to amaze customers as they “believe in celebrating beautiful skin as well as beautiful days.” They work closely with dermatologists and respected scientists to offer revolutionary skin-care containing gold-standard ingredients and formulas that show dramatic results.

This shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath is now one of my favourite products. I find it to be a nice change from my regular unscented soap. Now don’t get me wrong, normal soap is great for you, it’s safe and does the job, but every now and then I like to have some fun in the tub!

After smelling each bottle and carefully reading the label, which has recipes on the front (super cute),  I finally made a decision and went with Senorita Margarita, probably because I am obsessed with tacos, piñatas and anything fiesta-y!


I have never been this excited about a bottle of soap so even though I had just showered early that day, I couldn’t resist ! I kid you not, it was a fiesta in the shower, and I did not mind it! I could hear the music and excitement and taste the tequila, it was definitely an interesting experience.

Side Note: Makes for a great little gift! You can gift individually or purchase the bath duo, that comes with your choice of body wash and the matching lip shine, for under $30.

So if you’re looking to try something new and jazz up your daily hygiene routine, try this product.





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