The Met…


Of all the times I have been to New York, I have never stepped foot in The Met… I know what is wrong with me? Well this past month I experienced it and let’s just say I wish I had done it sooner!

Of course I was easily influenced to travel to The Met Steps to have my Serena Vanderwoodsen moment, which was fab! For those of you that don’t know, Gossip Girl filmed their morning school scenes on the dreaded steps at The Met. Had a little Queen Bee moment.

But aside from that I was equally, if not more to actually appreciate all of the art that The Met holds. In my recent, more grown up years, LOL that sounds funny to say… I have developed a great appreciation for the arts. Growing up as a dancer has allowed me to view art in a different way and just recently really appreciate different forms of art. So what better place to go to then The Met.

Walking in the museum alone was just overwhelming, I literally didn’t know where to go. I also didn’t know how entrance fees worked at The Met. So basically when paying for your entrance to The Met you can pay any amount that you would like. There is a suggested amount that is listed above, along with other rates for students, seniors, children etc. But you literally can “donate”, because that is what you are doing, any amount over the price of a dollar to the museum and have access to every single exhibit. How awesome is that? We were off to a great start.

Now I will not go through each and every detail of this beautiful place, but I will highlight a few that I’m still thinking about!

First off,

Manus X Machina – The Costume Institute

Egyptian Art- The Temple of Dendur in the Sackler Wing

Asian Art

Arms and Armor

The American Wing

Art of the Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia and Later South Asia

Needless to say, this is somewhere you have to go. Although it seems like something super touristy, it is incredible to see and you will definitely enjoy it. I could have spent hours and hours in there, but I had to rush back for dinner! So give yourself lots of time to enjoy it and remember you’re donating to this beautiful monument, so be generous.


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