Avocados are THAT good

Couldn’t agree more! I love avocados!!!



I’ve lately had such an obsession with avocados that I needed to blog about it. I put that s**t on everything. And if you’re that type put some hot sauce on it too, delish!
I got hot sauce on my avocado, swag.

Okay back to the reason I wanted to spend 30 minutes of my life talking about food. I did some digging because when I get hooked on something, I am hooked. I needed to make sure that this enormous consumption of avocado wasn’t going to bite me in the ass later… literally.

There’s more to an avocado than what meets the eye. First fun fact, it’s a fruit. A climacteric fruit to be exact meaning it matures on a tree but ripens off the tree. One thing is for sure I don’t eat it in my fruit salads. But I can make a mean guacamole – which is part…

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