Breezin’ through Summer: 4 Tips to Stay Organized

Summer is here and there is so much to do. Whether you’re in your office working for the weekend or you are finishing up the last few assignments to graduate, we’re all busy. But it’s summer and like I said there is so much to do. How do you manage? How do you remember? How do you stay focused?

I’m going to break it down in 4 easy tips that help me get through the week with ease!

  1. Have an Agenda!

I know it seems so old school to carry around a little book, but in all honesty it is what keeps me sane. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now, a day without my agenda is TORTURE! If you’re like me and prefer to write things out, this is one tool that you need, no matter what you do each day. Even if you keep it in your car or on your kitchen counter, leave it somewhere that you can take a quick look at it each day before heading out and getting sh*t done.

My Pick! Kate Spade 17 Month Agenda


  1. Leave Notes!

Whether it’s on your iPhone or stuck to your mirror in your room, leave notes in places that you go to frequently. You can make this fun too! Pick up some bright coloured or cute shaped sticky notes that represent your personality or bring a little fun to your morning. Leave a little message to yourself, “Bring Cupcakes to work for Daniella’s Bday”, or “Jamaica Soon! Go get waxed!”. You don’t have to have a million sticky notes or reminders on your phone, but a few for your week can really help!

My Pick! Sticky Note Folio- Fast Food @ Indigo


  1. Make a Countdown!

Who doesn’t love glancing at a countdown to remind them of something exciting coming? I know I do, I make a countdown for everything, even if it’s not that exciting! With the wonderful technology that we are so lucky to have you can download a million different countdown apps to track all the important events and occasions you have coming up. This is a great way to prepare for trips. “9 MORE DAYS UNTIL NYC”, or an important date that you never forget… “1 Month until 3 Year Anniversary!” it’s fun, easy and will definitely bring some light to your day.

My Pick! Event Ticker available on iTunes



  1. Involve Others

Making plans is always fun, but making plans with the people you love is even better, plus there’s a better chance that you won’t forget your romantic picnic in the park with your boyfriend or TACO night with the girls if other people are involved. Since the conversations always include outfit options, times and locations, it is definitely easier to remember. A great way to keep track of all this is to share a calendar. Again, super easy to do on your iPhone!

My Pick! UpTo available on iTunes and GooglePlay


The summer is a chance to unwind and relax, enjoy the sun, sit on patios and drink lots of sangria and not the time to stress about what to do next. Take these 4 easy to do tips and make your summer breezy!



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