Kale Kraze

We’ve all heard about Kale, some of us have tried it, but many of us really don’t know the benefits of it and why people are so obsessed with it.

I for one am a fan. I wouldn’t say that my entire diet revolves around Kale but I’m not opposed to having it for lunch at work.

Kale is a green, obviously… and belongs to the same family as cabbage and has been around much longer than most of think, 4BC to be exact. Because of its many nutrients and health benefits, it has became much more popular in society within the last few years. Everyone is on that Kale Kraze now! Kale salad, kale chips…what else can we turn kale into? IMG_6484

Aside from Kale being super low in calories, it’s tasty and packed with fibre that improves digestion and iron to keep you strong and healthy. Iron? Really? Yes! Stats show that Kale can actually have more iron than meat per calorie.

Kale is also full of vitamins! Vitamin C to help lower blood pressure, K to help fight inflammatory issues and A to keep your organs healthy and bring life to your vision and skin! Because Kale is full of all these essential vitamins, its powers act as a strong antioxidant that works to improve immune systems.

For those of you who can’t have milk, Kale will provide you with that calcium you need. Kale is actually ideal for those who are lactose intolerant! Great news!

And lastly, for those of you that like to participate in a detox every once in a while, whether it was from a wild weekend in Vegas or to start a fresh week to feel rejuvenated, Kale is a great way to rid those nasty toxins that can leave you feeling lousy.

So all in all, Kale is as great as everyone makes it out to be. It might take some time to get used to it, but it can be one of your new fave items on your weekly grocery list.





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