Take a picture, it really does last longer

I’ve always seen life through the lens of a camera. Sometimes being told, “dont worry just enjoy the moment”, or “do you really have to take a picture of this too?”

But ever since I was old enough to understand how to snap a picture, I have been behind that camera shooting away, not to mention in front of it creating beautiful lifelong memories.img_2696

Photography has always been something that has fascinated me. The idea of caputring a moment to express a feeling, thought or emotion which could be completely different between 2 people looking at the same image at the very exact moment is just amazing.

The power of an image is incredible and it’s true, a picture does speak 1000 words..if not more.

Many people ask me why I didn’t take photography up as a career, my answer was always, “Oh I’m not sure”, but the truth was that I was intimated by the skills of such great photographers around me. I’m no professional, but I understand the basics of a good quality photo and the reality was that I had no formal training or knowledge on this skill, so becoming a professional at it would be strange. So instead of doing this as a career, I have incorporated it in my every day life, and that alone makes me so happy.

I was always the girl who brought her camera everywhere because you never know when the perfect moment will arise. Everyone always knew I came prepared and ready to take a pic. Sometimes people laughed at me cause I was excessive and literally took a picture of anything, but I never let that stop me. I always used to say, “Don’t worry one day you’ll thank me for taking these pictures”. And it’s true, they have and they contiune to. Even if it’s just to bring up a past memory to laugh about, I have it documented somewhere and I am always the source.


But seriously thank god for the incredibly technology that we have now, taking amazing pictures with our cell phones anywhere is just so easy. But to me there is something about holding a camera and positioning it perfectly to capture that moment. I still have a whole lot to learn about the proper functions of a camera, but I’m experimenting and testing it out every day. It’s true what they say, “Practice makes perfect”.

Aside from taking the photos, looking at them after the fact brings even more joy to my life.  Reminsicing on good times instantly brings a smile to my face. Whether it’s remembering a beautiful view of the ocean, or the happiness coming from the smiles of my friends or the most delicious meals ever (my fave), I enjoy taking a second to step out of the crazy busy world we live in and take a moment to remember what has gotten me to where I am now or simply what made me happy.


One word of advice I can give to anyone would be “Snap Away”. Who cares what you’re taking a picture of. If it is something that will remind you of a good feeling you had or a memory that can brighten up your day, take it, store it and bring it out every once in a while.


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