Today, Thursday, June 16, 2016 is #WinkDay.

Be sure not to go around the office winking at everyone because this might lead you into some trouble, but instead visit any BeautyBoutique in Shoppers Drug Mart and participate in #WinkDay.

Wink Day is a day to help women who have gone through cancer and its treatements or are still going through it to allow them to feel better about themselves. It’s about the social and emotional challenges she faces and giving her the chance to help her overcome cancer with strength and courage. All money raised will fund the “Looks Good Feel Better” workshops that provide valuable cosmetic tips and tools to help these women lift their spirirts and take cancer by the horns!

Amazing right? YES! So you want to participate and help women beat the blues about cancer? Here’s how.


  1. Visit any BeautyBoutique and receive a BLUE eyeshawdow makeover. Then snap a pic of you and your blue sparkling eyes and share it on social media. Don’t forget to use the #WinkDay. With every post, Shoppers Drug Mart will donate $5.00 to “Looks Good Feel Better”
  2. Give yourself a stunning BLUE eyeshadow makeover, snap a pic and share it on social media to bring even more awareness to this movement.

Common Ladies, let’s team up together and support each other.

For more information on #WinkDay check out the website and pay vlose attention to your Twitter newsfeed today!



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