Never Sorry about this Coffee

I’m sorry Justin but it is never too late to say SORRY…or should I say go to Sorry.

If you haven’t been, I highly recommend you take a trip down to Yorkville ASAP.
I love coffee, well it’s not so much love anymore but more like NEED, which is why you’ll most likely catch me coffee shop hunting in my spare time. Trying new blends and exploring new environments is exciting for me, so when I stumbled across this little place I nearly melted.

Nestled between Starbucks and Williams Sonoma on Bloor Street, a place that I like to wander aimlessly through, is this hidden gem. Attached to Kit and Ace, Sorry Coffee Co brings people in with their carefully roasted and selected beans, not to mention their adorably designed Sorry coffee cups, great for cute Instagram pics!

How cool is this! Their cups are seen as a blank canvas and an opportunity for emerging artists to showcase their passion. Every couple months Sorry Coffee Co teams up with a typographer or designer to create new and original art for their cups. This is such a unique way to give back to the community and provide up and coming artists with a chance to do what they love for their city!

It’s a small spot with bold taste and flavours for everyone. If you’re in the mood for something citrusy or a smooth chocolate taste, there is a blend for you.
One thing to remember, they only accept cards, so you can leave your loose change at home.

Sorry Coffee Co.
102 Bloor Street
Toronto, ON


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