A Child’s Smile

It’s true what people say, a child’s laughter can bring so much joy even in the darkest of times. Although I would never think that anything can bring a smile to my face after these past few weeks, I am mistaken.

This post is dedicated to a little girl, who won’t be able to read this for a few years, who not only brings so much light to my life but to everyone she meets.

Children sense when something is going on, good or bad, they feel it. They also know when to make you smile, when you least except it. Full of life and love, children are seriously a gift to this earth.

Although I am too young to have children of my own, having a baby in my family has brought us closer together and has created a sense of connectedness that can never be forgotten.

I am forever grateful to be surrounded by this beautiful child, who is more than just family to me. She is the reason I can contiune to live each day with the fondest memories of my loved ones up above while having a smile on my face. An angel who makes me laugh and sing, puts a smile on my face and reminds me what it means to love those around you.


Times have been tough but it has been incredible to see how quickly our spirits can be lifted when she is around. Although we will never forget or feel differently about what has happened, we can live our lives and share our stories with her.

Thank you for being our light and inspiration to carry on each day. Zio always said you were the best thing to have happened to our crazy family.

This little girl, like many others are truly a gift. I am so lucky to have one of them by my side to remind what life is all about. Happiness.

Love you little one




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