T.O Tacos

So we all know how I truly appreciate the art of tacos, so why not share some of my favourite spots in Toronto to get your fiesta on!

El Catrin located in the Distillery District serves authentic traditional and modern Mexican cuisine. With upbeat and fun music, the party starts as soon as you walk in. Enjoy some premium tequila on one of Toronto’s best patio and order tons of guac, cause that sh*t goes down good! With a tapas style menu you have the chance to try  little bit of everything, but my personal fave would be the Baja fish tacos. Known for the bold and vibrant design, El Catrin hired 3 Mexican artists to create the famous mural. Although it took them about 100 days to complete it has become one of Toronto’s must see spots!

El Catrin

18 Tank House Lane

Distillery District 55 MIll St.
Toronto, Ontario

M5A 3Ca



Playa Cabana Hacienda

You can see it as you drive down Avenue road, always looking like a wild fiesta, because it is! With ample seating, inside and out, it is the perfect spot to go for a quick bite or night on the town with the ladies. Nothing fancy but nothing but fun. This spot really brings the Mexicana out of you as you sip on Sangria and mow down those tacos. The Pollo Tinga Tacos hit the spot with just the right amount chicken seasoned with so much deliciousness, you gotta try thes11949487_10153218757993002_8707813577175814725_n


14 Dupont St.

Toronto, Ontario

M5R 2J4



Playa Cabana

Just down the Street from Hacienda is Playa Cabana. On a much smaller scale, much smaller, this tiny place delivers nothing short of amazinginess. One of my first Toronto Mexican fiestas, this one set the bar quite high. As soon as you step foot in the door you can feel the Mexican vibes with a traditional style of decoration and music that makes you want to dance. As per usual drinks were served. Instead of traditional Sangria I tried the Pomarita, which was DEVINE! Maybe it was the bright pink colour that got me? Or maybe the tequila? But whatever it was, it was perfection!


111 Dupont St

Toronto, Ontario

M5R 1V4




Grand Electric

Another small but mighty place, you might walk right past it, but make sure you don’t! Grand Electric still gave me the feel of excellent Mexican cuisine with a fun yet more tame environment. Maybe it was because it was on a Tuesday night, but I felt like I was at a family backyard party with friends. Sitting outside on the patio, which was simple but so uniquely decorated, I sat with friends and devoured tacos like you wouldn’t believe. Not only were they delicious but perhaps the most affordable in Toronto.  If I’m not mistaken I tried the Baja Fish, Pork Belly and Shrimp tacos all at 3.99 each!

1330 Queen Street W.

Toronto, Ontario

M6K 1L4




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