White Cherry Boutique

Once upon a time, in the beautiful rustic and historical town of Kleinburg, White Cherry Boutique was born and I’m sure glad it was.

A boutique that not only offers unique finds from international brands but an experience that is light and uplifting. There’s nothing like shopping in a store that makes you feel like a princess living in a fantasy world with a closet full of beautiful things!- Oh a girl can dream…


White Cherry was inspired by a passion for fashion and appreciation of heritage. With an Italian background and 2 meaningful last names, White Cherry incorporates nicknames from both her mother and fathers last name to pay homage to the pillar of her family. The name White Cherry came from”Capelli Bianchi” meaning White Hair and “Ciliegie” which means The Cherries. Her Nonni’s love it!

I had the chance to visit this boutique and support local young entrepreneurs in my community. Over the past few years I have seen my generation grow and expand into such wonderful and success young adults. Supporting one another is the key to success and this was one company I knew I needed to learn more about.


My experience at White Cherry Boutique was spectacular. From the moment I walked in, it was like a breathe of fresh air. With the sun shining through the store windows it was a bright and welcoming atmosphere as it displayed the clothing, shoes and accessories in a clean manner.

Of course I tried on almost everything in the store! Fell in love with a pair of white Joe’s Jeans and the cutest Chaser Brand coffee inspired tee. But I couldn’t resist and picked up the cutest sweater! Anyone who knows me knows I can never resist a good brunch…and a few mimosas!


Owner Cristina DeFrancesco, has brought Kleinburg a store with top notch fashion, amazing quality and well known brands for all to enjoy. White Cherry is currently carrying For Love and Lemons, Day Dreamer, Chaser Brand, Keepsake the Label and Kendall and Kylie. This is one spot you’re going to want to get too fast!

Take a look at some photos I captured, then get out of your house and get to the store!




Be sure to visit White Cherry soon!

10425 Islington Ave, Unit 3

Kleinburg, Ontario





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