Chez Lavelle

Toronto is a city full of great energy and excitement with something new and interesting at every corner, something that you want to be apart of and this new spot is one that does exactly that.

With an incredible view of the city and an atmosphere that is youthful but sophisticated, treat yourself or someone special at Lavelle any day of the week.


To me it’s an adult playground, it has everything you need. Pool, bar and food. Need I say more? It’s definitely not your typical restaurant or day club, it’s so much better. If you wanted to, you could spend and entire day at Lavelle and have everything you need at your fingertips. Lavelle offers delicious french cuisine, soothing spa services, yummy fresh juice bar featuring locally sourced fruits and vegetables, the longest roof-top pool in North America, full equipped bars, exciting music and a classy nightlife. Oh and how could I forget the ice cream parlour…

Toronto’s newest rooftop pool is on King Street above 629 King Residences which prides itself on the vibrant culture that the King West community brings. Peter Freed and his partners Rob Montemarano and Reza Abedi brought Toronto a place that provides an all-in-one experience, a place to relax and enjoy incredible food, a place to bring your friends and dance the night away, a place to enjoy the beauty of our city.


Whether you enjoy spending the day with your girlfriends in the cabana with a bottle of bubbly in your cutest suits or if you want to take your amazing, beautiful well deserving girlfriend on a romantic date night just cause(cough, cough)… you can do exactly that.


I had the chance to enjoy a romantic date night in the city with my better half. Like little kids in a candy store, we walked in with smiles from ear to ear. “This is so cool” is exactly what we said to each other as we were seated. Finally a place where we can eat and drink while listening to good music, possibly bust a move or two and enjoy the beautiful view of our city. Best part, it was a more mature and sophisticated crowed, no fake ID’s here!




We could talk to each other and not feel as if our voices were overpowered by the music. We could walk around and not have drinks spilled on our brand new shoes. It was a nice change of scenery for us, somewhere we felt comfortable to enjoy ourselves how we pleased. Although it was a pretty penny we definitely got what we paid for. With such excellent service, elegance and class and a genuinely good time, we will definitely be back soon.

One more thing to look forward to is the winter. Okay hold on let me explain my self… Abedi said in an interview that in the winter months Lavelle will elude a Blue Mountain/Muskoka style retreat with sliding doors to create a steamy atmosphere. Apparently the cabanas will look like tiny cottages that were inspired by Toronto row houses. How incredibly adorable does that sound?

Now if this didn’t make you excited to check this place out, I don’t know what will!


627 King St W




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