Lotus and Luna: Helping Women Grow

You might have heard about Lotus and Luna while scrolling through your Instagram feed and seen all of their uniquely handcrafted accessories. But do you know what they do and why? Well if you don’t you’re in luck because I am about to tell you all about Lotus and Luna.

I came across Lotus and Luna while on one of my Instagram binge sessions before bed one night. As I was scrolling through image after image, I came across this beautiful black choker. I’m a sucker for chokers and I hadn’t seen anything like this one before. So unique and beautiful, it’s simplistic design with a fun yet organic look keep me browsing. I thought I had to have it, so like any expert Instagram user, (95% of the population can classify themselves as one) I followed their page and began researching when and where I can buy one.

But Lotus and Luna is so much more than just a place that sells beautiful accessories, they are a company that works endlessly to provide women with opportunity and strength. They stand strong behind their message as they are committed to helping women escape the cycle of poverty.

Lotus and Luna works with leading artisans in small villages in Northern Thailand to create these handcrafted accessories using high quality, locally sourced materials. By working with these artisans they are providing them as well as their neighbours with more opportunity to help create more sustainability and watch their economy grow. With consistent employment and fair wages, sick leave, paid vacation, comfortable and flexible work environments, women are working together for other women.

Lotus and Luna provides these women along with many others with a feeling of empowerment to help them to fight through that vicious cycle.

Take a look for yourself online at Lotus and Luna and on Instagram @shoplotusandluna

Use promo code “ALEXANDRA20” at checkout to get 20% off your purchase! Happy Shopping!





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