Are your shoulders cold?

The Cold Shoulder trend is far from cold, actually it’s really HOT!


I’m sure you’ve walked by many stores in the malls and browsed all the new collections of your favourite online boutiques and noticed something similar. That would be the tiny hole in the shoulder of tops and dresses, formally known as the “Cold-Shoulder”. Whether you like to give it (I don’t suggest that) or rock it (but I do suggest this),the Cold-Shoulder is what everyone is talking about this fall!

The best thing about this trend is that it’s perfect for anywhere, anytime for any occasion.Classy and chic while sexy and edgy, what more could you want?

Take a look to see what I mean.


Super cute with your favourite ripped jeans and sneakers for a day full of errands and running around with your bestie.


Dress it up to get a super sexy but very classy look for your next date night.


Perfect for GNO! Hot Hot Hot! Show off those curves (and dance moves) in the club!


Wear it to work with a pair of high waisted dress pants and killer shoes. Who says you can’t be fashionable at work?


I’ve definitely jumped on the Cold-Shoulder bandwagon all thanks to Basic B World. Click the links below to see my fave Cold-Shoulder pieces that they carry and get yours today!

Basic B- Delia Dress

Basic B- Cindy Tee


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