St. Tropez

img_8533Who doesn’t love lying on a beach and soaking in the sun to get that irresistible tan? I know I do!…I’m convinced that everything just looks better with a tan. But unfortunately some of us can’t travel to tropical islands or beach houses every few weeks and work on our colour, so how do we avoid looking pasty and pale? Easy! St. Tropez!

When I can’t get that sun kissed look from a beach, I bring it home with me and I always have people fooled. I’ve been using St. Tropez for a few years now and swear by it. As mentioned before I’m a sun worshiper- you wouldn’t be able to tell right now given my lack of tan- but it’s the truth and when I can’t slip into my favourite suit and lather on the oil…I mean sunscreen, I’m using St. Tropez.


Here are two great products that could work for anyone in any given situation. If you’re a person who is always on the go and need something fast and easy the St. Tropez “One Night Only” will do the trick. It’s a wash off face and body lotion that will give you a fresh and glowing look for a night out on the town. Such a simple process, anyone could use it. I wouldn’t recommend using it everyday or too much of it because the pigmentation is strong. Just a bit to rub into your face evenly or on your body is just enough. And it comes off easier than it came on.


The other product is the St. Tropez “Gradual Tan – Classic”. Like the name gradual, this is something that can be worked into your everyday routine to see a nice progressive colour shine through. I really liked the look of this product because it left a very natural finish and didn’t leave any lines or streaks.


So if you’re in the same boat as I am and can’t make it to the beach, give these two products a try and see for yourself! You’ll be looking tropical and exotic without paying for all those travelling fees!


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