International Women’s Day

A day to celebrate all of the beautiful women around the world and come together as we continue to support one another in achieving our dreams. International Women’s Day is more than a one-day celebration, it’s about having a positive attitude and living your life with strength and courage. We should celebrate women’s day everyday, here’s one way we can!

Sometimes you just need that friendly reminder, whether it be that you have a great life or to bring those positive vibes to work or maybe even to try something out of the ordinary. Things that seem so small and are easily forgotten are actually quite meaningful and can ultimately transform your life into the one you deserve.

These mantra bracelets are not only simple and dainty but full of meaning and inspiration. These beautiful bangles are hand made by at-risk youth artisans who are apart of the Pamoja Tunaweza Boys & Girls club in Tanzania.

Pamoja Tunaweza Boys & Girls Club works each day to drive empowerment into the lives of youth to ignite their productivity and contribute to their communities in the best way possible. Providing a safe and healthy environment for these youths at risk is key to allowing them to attain the necessary skills to build a bright future. With 66% of Tanzania’s population under the age of 25 and 53.5% unemployed, Pamoja wants to give the opportunity to the youth by making a significant impact on the cycle of poverty.

These carefully crafted bangles are made out of up cycled brass cutlery and contain a hand-stamped message on the inside of the cuff.

The list of messages include:

  1. I am grateful
  2. Smile at Strangers
  3. Dare to adventure
  4. Good Energy
  5. Girlboss
  6. Surrender and flow
  7. Make an impact
  8. I am supported
  9. Step out of the comfort zone
  10. I attract through my thoughts

These simple messages can affect your day in only the most positive way possible. It’s important for us to remember that life can get tough but it can be so good. We are lucky to live in a world that has so much opportunity to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. With support surrounding us by loved ones, it’s hard to not spread those positive vibes.

But it happens.

We sometimes forget that good energy can go a long way, as the same can be said about bad energy. It’s your turn to make an impact on life. Women are beautiful and strong individuals who have so much to offer, but this idea can get lost so easily in today’s busy, controversial and hectic society. So a small reminder may just be what you need. These bangles can be found and purchased online at Fair and Square.

To learn more about Pamoja Boys and Girls club check out their Facebook and Website for more information.


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