Once upon a time, there was this little girl, whose curly brown hair hit the floor as she walked. She was shy and attached to her “mommy”, she was tiny but awfully strong, she held on quite tight. She would go up and down the elevator, hiding behind her parents because she was too scared to see what the real world looked like and terrified to meet new faces. I’m glad to say that little girl got a taste of what the real world could be and never looked back.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, I was that little girl and it’s safe to say I’m not shy anymore, in fact the complete opposite. As some would say, “I blossomed” or “I broke out of my shell”.

To my mom, I found my voice and I haven’t shut up since.

Now I’m not going to sit here and bore you with my everyday life. Although sometimes super exciting and interesting, sometimes it’s not. I’m here to share my love for writing and story-telling, to talk about interesting things that we might lay in bed and wonder about, share cool photos from places I’ve been that you might want to venture to, share some great experiences that are worth sharing and reinforce positivity into our negatively social media crazed world.


“Good Morning Beautiful” is my portal to speak my mind, shed light on situations that seem dark and dull and start a conversation with people I don’t know yet.

“Good Morning Beautiful” has always been a saying that I’ve liked. It’s cute and fun but has great meaning to me. Even though sleeping in until late afternoon is on my list of things I would rather be doing, I love getting up in the morning and starting my day.

I look at each day as an opportunity to try something different, learn something new, and do something out of the ordinary, that will put a smile on my face.  The phrase “Good Morning Beautiful” is a reminder that I am beautiful. Sure my mom, my nonna (yes, I am Italian) and my boyfriend can say this to me, but they have to. It’s one thing to hear from other people, it’s another to hear it coming from yourself.

During these last few years, I have grown tremendously and really began looking at myself and my life and one thing has remained consistent would be the importance self-acceptance. I have learned to be true to myself, be the person I am, stand up and defend myself even when I may be wrong and love myself.

And as silly as it may sound, this phrased stuck with me after a trip to Chapters to pick up some books for school that turned into an extra $230 personal expense bill. This purchase included some Kate Spade notebooks and pens, adult colouring books, stupid little things for my desk that are collecting dust now and a mug that was plain white and said, “Good Morning Beautiful” in black elegant cursive. I love this mug, I use it all the time. It’s cute, uplifting and just so me!

So like most bloggers, choosing a name was probably the hardest part. I’ve been procrastinating this blog for years now because I just couldn’t figure out a name that reflected me and what I wanted to talk about. I gave up time after time until this moment right now.

I was sitting at my desk and reached for my coffee, my 2nd one of the day and only 11:30 AM, when I happened to take a longer look at my mug I read it in my head, “Good Morning Beautiful”. Then I read it out loud, “Good Morning Beautiful”. Obviously I read it a third time loud enough that my co-workers next to me peeled their eyes away from their computer screens and stared at me instead, “GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL!”.

“That’s it!”, I thought. It’s just so me and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner!

So here I am ready to share my thoughts, ideas and experiences with all of you BEAUTIFUL people, because that’s what you are, beautiful!

So Good Morning Beautiful!