Getting Ready for Spring at NEON

One of the many reasons why I love shopping in Toronto is because of stores like NEON! Unique, authentic and more than just a clothing store but a lifestyle inspiration is what I thought of after my first experience at NEON on Queen Street. Whether you’re looking for sneakers or boots, hoodies and tees or blouses and dresses, NEON has got it. With popular brands … Continue reading Getting Ready for Spring at NEON

International Women’s Day

A day to celebrate all of the beautiful women around the world and come together as we continue to support one another in achieving our dreams. International Women’s Day is more than a one-day celebration, it’s about having a positive attitude and living your life with strength and courage. We should celebrate women’s day everyday, here’s one way we can! Sometimes you just need that … Continue reading International Women’s Day

GMB x @nutritionistafiles

Eating right can be a challenge for most people as the idea of changing your diet sometimes intimidates us because frankly, we don’t know where to start. But you don’t need to change your diet completely to get that healthy lifestyle your body deserves.  With slight adjustments, a bit of planning and a positive outlook, introducing new things to your diet will serve great satisfaction … Continue reading GMB x @nutritionistafiles