#OOTD My Business Casual

Who ever thought we’d see the day that it was ok, actually super cool, to wear dress pants and sneakers? This trend, that’s been around for some time now, is seen absolutely everywhere!! And I love it! Here’s how I wanted to represent my true business casual attire. This OOTD is strictly from TopShop, with the exception of the Stan Smith sneakers. I wanted to … Continue reading #OOTD My Business Casual


Finding skincare products that actually give me the results I need has been difficult…very difficult, which is why I am constantly trying out new lines and techniques. Recently I’ve been using Dermalogica and I’m pretty happy with the results so far. I wanted to share a few of these products and my experience with you in case you were in the same position as me … Continue reading Dermalogica

#OOTD Subway Style

Black distressed denim and a classic leather jacket is my go-to look. For this #OOTD I paired my super distressed high waisted denim from Abercrombie & Fitch with this All Saints leather jacket. Underneath I’m sporting a truly original sweater (that I must give my boyfriend full credit for). This sweater was just an ordinary back hoodie with an added graphic from an old t-shirt. … Continue reading #OOTD Subway Style

#OOTD Black and White

Wearing black and white vertical stripes can be intimidating, but when paired the right way can look tres chic! This adorable off the shoulder black and white striped top with matching choker can work all season long. I typically would think this is the ideal summer top (perfect for festival season) but when I paired it with black distressed denim and a leather jacket, it was … Continue reading #OOTD Black and White